Due to the lack of international funding for humanitarian projects, Mr. Do Huu Le Hung, the Founder and President of World Money Funds, devoted himself together with his team, to find an economic solution that would serve the world for the betterment of mankind. “World Money Funds Pty Ltd” (WMF) and the “World Money Gold” (WMG) organizations were founded for these reasons. This will be a century to develop a comprehensive modernization of the World’s position and attitude related to charity and disaster relief.  Moreover, the world must also provide aid for those in poverty or need regardless of political or racial issues and granting peace to the world’s less fortunate. 
Obviously, Mr. Do Huu’s idea is not bound or obstructed by any international state or specific political party. Instead, it was essentially created as a charitable and disaster relief fund that would respond to the litany of problems to aid the indigent of all people in the world, no matter what country they were living. This relief funding must help overcome the economic difficulties affecting the world’s suffering, needy and impoverished people.
Initially, he had coordinated a compilation of the funds through private and families’ donations, and then among his colleagues including a number of billionaire contributors. His policies are aimed at funding humanitarian aid projects but not on any specific social, political or international agenda.

World Money Funds jubilantly welcomed the “World Gold Coins” that were released at the start of the new millennium. The objective of the WMF is to commercialize the WMG’s Gold Coins to circulate throughout the international markets, especially among the Asia countries and their overseas’ residential countries. The WMG is a long-term profitable marketing expansion to substantially gain capital provision in helping those people who are in need around the world.