World Money Funds

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We represent a Humanitarian Funding Organization that grants solutions to people’s needs instead of waiting for others to help.

In the world today, the Security Council of the United Nations calls for the creation of relief funds and charities to which wealthy countries have established the World Bank, International Monetary Funds, Asian Development Bank and many other institutional charities but these still do not meet the needs required throughout the world.

Even with the beneficial funding from countries that have contributed to these funds, there still remains an enormous need for the required funding to serve the plight of each country’s indigent citizens that are tragically affected by poverty, terrorism and sabotage. It is essential to help people survive when unexpected natural disasters, catastrophes or even political violence occurs.

It is essential that we also help people survive from the global disruptions due to natural disasters and catastrophes affecting their countries. This is the reason for the establishment of our organization, World Money Funds.

International Board for World Money Funds



Hon Willis Hesser Bird
Chairman of International Board
Mr. Do Huu Le Hung
Acting Chairman of International Board